Prof Dr Kamran Ashraf

President PSP
Chairmain, Department of Parasitology

Greetings and welcome from the Pakistan Society of Parasitology (PSP)! PSP is a society which is made up of a diverse group of Parasitologists, researchers from government, industry and academia who are interested in the study, teaching and research field of Parasitology. It was founded with the aim to have contribution not only in the development of parasitology as a discipline, but also to provide a solution oriented forum for the parasitic challenges in the field. Since its inception, the society has grown ups by leaps and bounds, through annual conference, seminars, training programs with various governmental and commercial organizations, supporting students and teaching of parasitology. PARACON’19 is the annual highlight where you can update on the latest scientific information via oral, poster and plenary sessions as well as strong linkage with industry and corporate sector through booths showcasing the latest products and technology. On the behalf of council of PSP, we hope you will be interested in joining our society or collaborate with our members. Once again welcome to our world of Pakistan society of Parasitology.

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